Please join us in praying for the lost youth in our area and for the mission of Youth For Christ.

Current Prayer Requests

God is doing great things here at Youth for Christ and we are thankful to be a part of it and thankful for your continued support and prayers.

We would appreciate it if you could continue to join us in prayer on these topics:

• Just because some of these kids choose to be involved here at YFC doesn’t mean their circumstances change.  So many of our students and youth still face the same daily challenges.  Pray God can protect them physically and spiritually. Pray for endurance.


• Pray for our finances.  As a non-profit it is always a struggle, but we know God is faithful.

• Pray for our community.  Pray they have receptive hearts. Pray God can use situations to change our community as a whole.  Pray for those that serve our community (law enforcement, city officials, etc…).  Pray for the other Faith Based Organizations in our community!  Pray for the community developers.

• Join us in prayer and petition for new volunteers in each ministry.  The harvest is many, but the workers are few.

•One of our Juvenile Hall volunteers is needing a kidney transplant!  Pray that he can get it, insurance will take care of it and that his body will take the new kidney!

• Marvin has been having a few heart procedures come up.  Please pray for peace, comfort, wisdom for the doctors and perfect healing for Marvin’s heart.  Pray for their finances as health insurance is always an issue with most situations!

• We are beginning the process of starting some new interns in different positions.  Pray that we can use this a good learning experience for them and that they can be helpful in our ministries of bringing youth to Christ!

• Our dearest Janelle, is sick and not feeling well. 

• Christie, our office manager, is having some issues with her Arthritis.  Pray for healing and comfort for her body!

• Please pray especially for our Teen Parents during this cold and flu season.   Many of the teen parents get behind in school during this time due to sick babies.  Pray for health for both the babies and the parents.

• We have begun the end of the year, Christmas, giving season.  Pray that God will use these time to really put our ministry ahead of budget.

• Our Point Break team is working on putting together a promo video to show to new schools.  Please pray that God will provide the perfect people and resources to help with this project.

• Our Juvenile Justice is having some complications getting volunteers into the Juvenile Hall.  Pray this new step won’t keep people who really want to help and serve these kids from getting involved.


We would also love for your to join us in praising our God for:

• The spouses and families of our staff members.  God continues to give them patience in dealing with ministry life styles.

• His continued support and provision through the donors He provides and all of the ways He continues to grow us and use us for His plan.  We have recently been blessed through donors in some really cool ways.

• His son Jesus!  His grace! His love! His continued faithfulness!

• We focus so much on the youth we work with, but are often reminded that God is continually workin in us as ministry staff also.  Praise God for his continued grace and work in our lives.

•We are so thankful for the relationships we are building with a few of the local school districts.  These are great oppotunities to get involved in students' lives.

•There is quite a bit going on in the city in trying to give youth that like graffti, a positive outlet.  Praise God for people who believe in these kids!

Thank you for coming before our God on behalf of Youth for Christ!


Join our Prayer Support Team

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