Point Break is a day long workshop designed to:

• Promote resiliency among students.  Resilient students display social competence, problem solving skills, personal responsibility and a sense of purpose and future.
• Reduce campus violence as students choose conflict resolution & respect for others.

Our world is not a kind place, and there is apparently no better place to discover this than on a school campus.

When we realize that a significant number of teenagers are already living on the edge of trouble with family problems, loneliness, personal pain, and low self-esteem, we can understand how close they are to the breaking point.  When they go to school, the teasing, taunting, and bullying that happens every day simply compounds the problem.

But what if we can bring students together to talk seriously about the situation? What if we can catch them before violence erupts?  What if we can stop the cycle of violence with a fresh look at tolerance and an opportunity to experience understanding, respect, and reconciliation?

Point Break staff accepted the challenge to create an experience for public high schools in which students not only hear about tolerance, but participate in it.  They not only talk about respect, they experience it.

Point Break is a six-hour workshop designed to break down education and social barriers that exist between students on Middle and High School campuses.  Through high-energy activites, interaction with empowering adults and relevant discussion (regarding bullying, painful life experiences and emotional expression), Point Break draws students together, focusing on empathy and respect.  Students respond to the day’s challenges with self-reflection and the acknowledgement of personal responsibility.  The end result is improvement in the behaviors, attitudes and values of students.

Reconciliation takes place right before their eyes when kids share their own pain and come to grips with how it has affected them and those around them.

Point Break is much more than an assembly.  It is an unforgettable experience.


For more information on Youth for Christ's Point Break Workshops please contact (209) 522-9568 x111