From Kenneth Sylvia

As a junior at Modesto High School, I experienced Youth for Christ ministry in a way that radically changed me. I bring that change in my heart with me every day as I strive to lead this organization in a way that honors God, honors our partners, and honors the young people of our community. My personal desire for the ministry of Youth for Christ is to be intentional and strategic, maximizing resources, so that our programs, services, and ministries reach deep and wide in ALL 11-19 year olds, but especially in our most vulnerable youth.


My favorite verse is John 10:10 where Jesus declares that he didn’t just come to give life, but to give life abundantly! That word “life” literally translates to earthly life and eternal life. We can’t control the eternal, but we can pray and work diligently to influence it. We understand that these efforts are not just about the current generation, but all future generations following it. So, we seek God passionately to know exactly where He would have Youth for Christ benefit His Kingdom. Our prayer is that thousands of young people from our community in future generations would look back and say, “It’s because of God using Youth for Christ in my life that I am changed”… just like me.