Our Team

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving local youth.

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Our Stories

  • Ken Sylvia, Executive Director
    (209) 522-9568 ext.127

    "I was born and raised in the greater Modesto area. After a life-changing experience at Acquire The Fire, God tugged on my heart to serve Him. At Modesto High School, I led the Bible Club my junior and senior year teaching Scripture, coordinating club activities, and conducting service projects. Upon graduation in 2003 I began mentoring and discipling West Modesto youth that shaped my passion and determination for ministering to the most vulnerable youth. In 2006 I received my degree in Business Administration/Human Resources. Shortly after marrying my amazing wife in 2008, I became the Director of Mentoring and leading Point Break. In 2010, I graduated with my Master’s in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. Following a series of conversations and experiences, God made it clear He was calling me to become the Executive Director starting July 1, 2019. I’m driven to empower leaders to impact kids for Jesus. My personal passion is to light up the room and leave people filled with hope. While I strive to keep maturing, I will always be the 'goofball' that keeps me connected with kids. I love sports, working out, time with family, coffee, and food."

  • Christie Berlin, Director of Operations
    (209) 522-9568 ext.111

    "I have been with YFC since 2011 and currently serve as Director of Operations, plus a Chaplain for Modesto Police Department. I have over 25 years of administrative and management experience.  My family moved to the Central Valley in 1983 and I'm a graduate of Beyer High School. My husband, Gary, and I have been married since 1994. We have two amazing boys. Matthew graduated high school in 2016 and is pursuing a Meat Cutter / Butcher apprenticeship (and is a published author in his spare time!). Jacob is high school senior interested in Sports Psychology. He developed his own outreach ministry to the homeless called Project Show God’s Love. I truly love being the 'mom' of the office and having the opportunity to speak God’s truth and life into the kids that come to the office."

  • Pete Kirchhoff, Campus Outreach Director
    (209) 522-9568 ext.110

    "While growing up in Minnesota, I was on a course headed to juvenile hall as a young teen. Fortunately, God reached out to me through several friends who introduced me to Jesus, before I could cause more harm to myself or others. Out of thankfulness for being rescued from that downward spiral and the impact of several youth pastors who helped grow my faith, I have always had a heart for reaching lost teens. I graduated from Colorado State in Business with my best friend and wife, Donna. Shortly after that I received a Master’s in Youth Ministry at Denver Seminary. God has richly given to us over the last 30 years three kids (Josh, Rachel, and Calvin) and many dear friends, while ministering in Colorado, Utah and California. I am so thankful to still be still be reaching out to people with YFC. When not figuring out how to build campus ministry for another school, you can find me mountain biking, paddle boarding or snow boarding with a big smile on my face!"

  • Josh Helton, Campus Outreach Regional Coordinator
    (209) 522-9568 ext.111

    "I was born in Modesto and raised there mainly by my mom. As a young adult I faced some challenging times, where I found myself wrestling with God and my identity. Once I started the process of believing who I am in the eyes of Jesus, He set a fire in me like never before. God uses ALL things for the good, for those who love Him. My wife Jamie and I were married in 2013, we have 3 awesome kids (Jacob, Ethan, and Emmalee), and a beautiful granddaughter, Skylynn. When I started volunteering with YFC I could see the impact community-based ministry really has in the lives of youth and potentially their families. I can see my younger self when sitting across from a young boy who is struggling with school, family, and just life in general. It only takes one person to show the love of God - causing a shift into the right direction! When I’m not serving, I’m watching the Seahawks be the champions they are, hanging with my family, playing basketball, or drinking coffee with my wife."

  • Kristal Struble, Juvenile Justice Ministry Director, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#120530) and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (#8195)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.117

    "I stumbled upon YFC in 2019 while searching for a place to complete my practicum hours as counselor. Over the next couple months, it was evident God had a bigger plan for me. While finishing graduate school at National University in counseling psychology, I accepted the position as Juvenile Justice Ministry Director in 2020. I understood at that point why God had me working as probation officer for ten years and why I always felt there was another way to help young people. After accepting Christ into my heart at 24, I know my job is to be a faithful servant caring voice for those who have been left behind. Outside of YFC, I enjoy teaching at my home church children’s ministry. When not serving, I can be found doing outdoor sports like hiking or baseball."

  • Isaiah Herrera, Juvenile Justice Ministry Stanislaus County Coordinator
    (209) 522-9568 ext.114

    "I grew up facing a lot of challenges and uncertainties. I was challenged with poverty and a broken home with no father figure. During my sophomore year, I dropped out of high school, with no intentions of returning. About six months after that at 15 years old I accepted Jesus into 'my story'. If anybody is good at interrupting a bad story and making it good, its God! I have a passion for young people, and people in general, whom face challenges like my own. I want to help them make the best of life and love God at the same time. I have a wonderful, creative and beautiful wife, Katrina Herrera. We live and breathe people and Jesus and are dedicated to helping people know God. I first got involved at YFC in 2015 and have truly enjoyed making an impact on students and people in our community for Jesus, I started as a volunteer and now serve as a director on staff. YFC has not only been an outlet where I can love people for Jesus, but also a place to love God, learn and grow. In addition to loving Jesus, I'm passionate about the San Francisco 49ers. I also love coffee and enjoy taking drive and longer road trips."

  • Kourtney Kauffman, Family Concern Counseling Director and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#116593)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.122

    "I’ve been privileged to grow up in a family where the love of Jesus and love of neighbors was modeled and incorporated daily into my life, but it wasn’t until 2007 when I encountered Tapestry (City Life) as a volunteer that I realized how amazing teenagers who go through hard things truly are. Under the leadership of some amazing people, I started to learn how to listen well to those that are hurting, and through several turns in my education and experience, realized I wanted to help people work through challenges that keep them stuck from dreaming a about what their life could be. I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I’ve been the Director of Family Concern Counseling since 2015, continuing the ministry and work of Marty Villa, who started FCC over 20 years ago."

  • Samantha Van Horn, Family Concern Counseling School Services Coordinator and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#112122)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.121

    "When I started as a MFT Trainee with Family Concern Counseling in 2012 during my graduate practicum course at Simpson University, I was excited and nervous to see how the next chapter would unfold. I fell in love with the heart of Family Concern Counseling and its desire to serve our community. Being from the Central Valley and a Christ-follower from an early age, I was excited to see these two passions of mine intertwine. Since that time, I have worked in and alongside other ministries while receiving my License in Marriage and Family Therapy. I currently see clients and serve as FCC’s School Services Coordinator. I am deeply passionate about bringing healing to our community and treating issues that accompany the following: anxiety, trauma, human trafficking, children/teen developmental issues and cultural issues. I love to spend time with those closest to me, backpacking, learning, music, coffee and going on adventures."

  • Courtney Wohld, Family Concern Counseling Practicum Program Coordinator and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#106191)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.123

    "I joined YFC as a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee in the spring of 2017 to fulfill my required internship hours for the graduate program I was in. At the time, I was excited to find a faith-based program to work for while completing my degree. Upon graduation from California State University, Stanislaus in Fall 2017, I strongly felt that God had planned my future for me to stay and work at YFC. I have always had a passion for helping people and started working with disabled youth and adults through equine assisted therapy in high school. This experience then later became the inspiration behind my career choice as a therapist. I am currently an onsite therapist for several schools, and work with youth, families, and adults at the Family Concern Counseling office location."

  • Samantha Tallon, Family Concern Counseling Therapist Team Coordinator and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#106429)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.128

    "I joined YFC in 2013 as a volunteer in the Juvenile Justice Ministry, working with incarcerated youth in both group and individual settings. While it was meant to be a temporary placement to fulfill a school internship, God had other plans. The incredible privilege of hearing the stories and connecting with the youth in juvenile hall captured my heart, leading me to continue the work for 7 years. In 2017, I joined the Family Concern Counseling team and have since been involved in providing mental health services at multiple school sites, and counseling for youth, adults, and families at our office location. In 2019, I also joined the Restorative Practices team, providing training and support for teachers and staff at a local school district. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, and a Master of Science in Counseling from the University of Phoenix."

  • Brenda Cabello, Family Concern Counseling Administrative Assistant
    (209) 522-9568 ext.118

    "My first encounter with YFC was at the annual auction in 2013. I became part of the team three amazing years later, where I’ve been supporting the Family Concern Counseling Team. All of my life I’ve had a special connection with God, but through YFC I’ve found a way to strengthen my bond with the Lord while simultaneously stregthening the community around me. With the help of my loving husband of 20 plus years and four beautiful children, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at countless youth centers, sporting events, Boyscouts, and catechism. Everyday I look forward to grabbing my coffee and bringing faith to the families around me."

  • Jaci Carpenter, Bookkeeper
    (209) 522-9568 ext.100

    "I was blessed to grow up in a wonderful Christian home and accepted Christ at an early age. But for me, being a teen was difficult and it wasn’t until my early 20’s at a Hume Lake Conference that I made the decision to truly follow Christ. For this reason, I have always had a heart for teenagers. I have now been married for about 30 years and have three kids, plus four grandchildren! As bookkeeper since 2015, I try to keep us financially in order, with all accounts and staff paid. I truly love working here and seeing the difference we make in so many teens lives through our various ministries."

  • Sue Kopulos, Administrative Assistant
    (209) 522-9568 ext.119