We'd love to have you join us! The opportunities below are grouped by area. If interested in learning more, feel free to contact the YFC staff. A site visit can be set-up to see things first hand.

When ready to apply for roles directly with young people, please fill out a Volunteer Application. After checking references and background, there will be a safety video training to complete.

Admin & Events

Christie Berlin, Operations Director
(209) 522-9568 ext.111,

Administrative Assistance & Event Support 

We hold special fundraising events throughout the year rely on volunteers to help make these events a success! If you prefer a more behind-the-scenes approach, we often have a need for office help, event planning, and other temporary or on-going projects.

Campus Life

Pete Kirchhoff, Campus Life & Point Break Director
(209) 250-9268,

Campus Mentor

Adults forming Christ-sharing relationships with students are the backbone of campus ministry. A team of mentors for each school volunteer with activities and build trusted friendships where students hang out. They build relationships through fun activities and invite students to Campus Life or Core. Mentors also lead small groups, take students to camp, and meet with students individually. Being a campus mentor involves 2-5 hours/week with a commitment to those students for one school year.

Campus Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of students coming to know Christ. Teams of people pray individually for a specific school with weekly updates sent out. The prayer teams lift up crucial needs of students and leaders, in addition to praising God for how they see Him respond. Specific schools to sign up for are listed under Pray.

Community Support

Sharing Christ with students involves building relationships and trust in inviting environments. Although community support members are often never seen, they minister in crucial ways by preparing food, decorating for events, driving students, and networking for other needs. The type and amount of involvement varies based on people’s time and passion.

Workshop Facilitator

The impact of our high school Point Break and junior high Stand Together workshops depends on students meeting in groups of 5-10 with a facilitator, processing and personalizing what they experience. The facilitators participate in the experience with students and guide their groups with supplied questions. This is a one-time commitment but requires being involved for a full school day. Lunch is provided! 

Family Concern Counseling

Kourtney Kauffman, FCC Director
(209) 522-9568 ext.122,

MFT/PCC Practicum Program

This is an opportunity for students who are pursuing a graduate degree to obtain hours for their practicum course. The goal is to further develop student’s competencies in providing mental health services to a variety of populations in our community. The trainees gain real-world experience by providing individual, family, couple, and child therapy. They have the opportunity to work in a school based and/or an office setting. Clinical supervision is provided in a group setting which occurs weekly for the number of direct hours obtained by the trainee. Individual or triadic supervision may also be provided as needed. In addition, trainees receive monthly trainings to further develop their clinical skills. The Practicum Program requires a commitment of 8-12 months, with flexible hours ranging between 10-20 hours per week depending on the trainee’s needs. These hours include direct client time, treatment planning, progress note completion, trainings, and staff meetings. This position is volunteer. If interested, please send a resume to Brenda Cabello.

Juvenile Justice Ministries

Kristal Struble, JJM Director
(209) 522-9568 ext.117,

JJM Prayer

First and foremost, this ministry, our volunteers, the youth, and probation staff need prayers. The power of prayer puts strength back into JJM. We need prayers of salvation and healing for each youth committed in the juvenile facility. A JJM Prayer Warrior meets bi-weekly or monthly to pray for specific kids, volunteers, and events. To sign up for prayer updates about Stanislaus County Junvenile Hall, go to Pray.

JJM Presenter

This role is important as the presenter has an opportunity to teach a life skill. Some youth never know the true value of the gifts God gave them. A JJM Presenter becomes a key role who can teach or introduce untapped talents providing new pathways for the youth.

JJM Supporter

Every donation, whether it is in the form of money, bibles, food, or collect call minutes; it is used to help promote building a relational foundation and connection with every youth within juvenile detention facility. Every donation is used to plant God’s seeds.

JJM Ally

If providing prayers and giving financially is not enough, and there you have pull to be more involved, a JJM Ally participates in planning events, getting care packages together, etc. This role becomes especially important as the ministry grows.

JJM Distance Ally

A JJM Distance Ally is someone who has a heart working with the at-risk youth but are unable to enter the juvenile facility. This volunteer is so important to minister to the youth. Distance partners connect with youth through the phone ministry, letter writing, or card ministry. Words of encouragement and/or hearing a voice from someone who cares help improve and lift their mood for easier transition. Being available to the youth is extremely important in this ministry as this can also help introduce them to meeting a JJM Leader.

JJM Leader

A JJM Leader is the heart of this ministry. Sitting side by side with the youth who are committed to the detention facility open the eyes of the youth that there is good in the world. Some of the kids who end up in the juvenile facility have zero support, zero knowledge of a healthy relationship, and majority have no relationship with God. How amazing would it be to be able to sit down and tell a youth who is hurting they are loved by God. We have hundreds of stories of youth giving their life to Christ. A leader here has a heavy heart in helping these youths but will also need to a strong will to return regularly to meet with the kids. This person leads weekly Sunday sermons, bible studies, and meets one on one with the youth.

JJM Mentor

A JJM Mentor is someone who will receive a youth from a JJM Leader and continue meeting weekly outside of the juvenile detention center. It has been established that this youth wants to continue growing their knowledge for God and receive guided resources provided by the mentor, YFC, and local partnerships.

Next Step Mentoring

Isaiah Herrera, Next Step Mentoring Director
(209) 702-8936,

Next Step Mentor

The Next Step Program is designed to help students succeed in school and in life. A “mentor” is a trusted guide that can be counted on to be a safe place to encourage, support, direct, and help another be the very best that they were created to be. Whether helping students with their homework and studying for tests, or navigating the tricky thoughts and emotions of a teenager’s life, our mentors are trained to know how to help the students we work with discover, develop, and maximize their God-given potential so that they can experience life to the fullest in their lives. If you have a heart to mentor,  we can find a place for you!

Mentor Support

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can still contribute in important ways. We need people behind the scenes who can help host smaller events like pizza parties. This can also include seeking donations of gift cards and other incentives for students being mentored.

Technology & Social Media

Ken Sylvia, Executive Director
(209) 522-9568 ext.127,

Media Developer

Do you have experience with techology and social media?  Video Scribe or Sparkol, an animated white board software? Youth for Christ is in need of a volunteer to support the development of our online platforms, tools and software.