Connections between students, trusted adults, and Jesus are at the heart of all we do. Healthy relationships are combined with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. This happens through connections at schools, building time events, supporting faith clubs, mentoring students, and going to camp. Simply put, this is… 

Fun + Friendships + Faith

Campus Sites

La Loma Junior High
Mae Hensley Junior High
Roosevelt Junior High
Ceres High School
Grace Davis High School
Johansen High School


Campus Life "clubs" features fun games, interactive questions, and Biblical stories, and is always open to anyone. Like other school “clubs” these are student led, outside of class time, advised by a faculty member when on campus, and not officially sponsored by schools. The goal is to strengthen friendships, while helping students make informed decisions about following Christ.


Core Teams of students also meet to help each other pass on their faith to friends. These teams share, pray, and discover new ways of communicating God’s love. Core is used mainly at high schools and with Christian clubs. Leadership skills are developed while students reach their friends. 

* More details at YFC Core.


Summer camps are a key ending and starting point. Following a year of friendships, many students make some of their most important new decisions while at camp. Although not able to be held during the pandemic, we are eager to take students to our junior high camp on June 7-10, 2022 and high school camp July 11015, 2022.

* More details at YFC Camp.


Contact us on details for each school or for interest in beginning a new campus.