YFC is ready to help reset the culture of your school climate as students return to campus for the 2021-2022 school year.

The purpose of Point Break for high school and its junior high Stand Together counterpart is to improve the behaviors, values and attitudes of students on their campuses and in their communities - intervening before acts of bullying, hatred or violence occur. As a result, better learning environments are created, relationships are forged and reconciliation begins. Students, who before the workshop bullied others, often find a sense of empathy towards fellow students and desire to stop their bullying behavior after the experience.

“I no longer feel alone,” and “I now know where to go for help,” are expressions commonly heard among thousands of teens attending our anti-bully workshops over the past ten years. Students have discovered how to better connect and communicate on their school campuses. These skills are needed now more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Stand Together made a significant impact on the culture and climate of our school, especially during these uncertain times, and has helped our students connect with one another and grow by learning from others’ experiences and perspectives.  These conversations have helped to open doors and have allowed our social-emotional support team to connect with students to provide the necessary support to keep them healthy and engaged in learning.” ~ Kevin Mayer, La Loma Junior High Assistant Principal (December 1, 2020)

For junior high students, normally 7th graders, the Stand Together sessions are broken down into:

Week 1 – Accept yourself without critical comparison
Week 2 – Accept others and their unique differences
Week 3 – Accept standing together through hard times

For high school students, traditionally sophomores, each Point Break session focus' on:

Week 1 – The power of connecting with others
Week 2 – The power of words we use with others
Week 3 – The power of being real with others

Traditional Workshops

Similar to pre-Covid workshops conducted over the past decade, the traditional structure takes place in gymnasiums with up to 100 students at once. Schools provide one facilitator per nine students for breakout groups throughout the day. The learning objectives for the 6-hour high school POINT BREAK workshops include the power of connections, the power of words, and the power of being real. The learning objectives for the 4-hour middle school STAND TOGETHER days include accepting yourself, accepting others, and accepting to stand together.
Fee: $2,000/day

Cohort Breakouts

With greater sensitivity to social distancing and meeting in smaller groups, the above format has been modified to hold in classrooms with cohorts of approximately 30 students. The traditional POINT BREAK and STAND TOGETHER learning objectives are achieved during three class periods that can be spread out over multiple days, weeks, or months. Each session includes teaching communication skills, interactive discussions, and reflective journal writing.
Fee: $600/cohort

Please contact us with any questions or ways we can tailor this to the needs of your students, plus dates you would like to reserve that fit best with your school calendar.