300 students received mental health counseling from YFC on campuses last school year. The top three referral reasons were behavioral issues, family challenges, and trauma. 240 training hours were provided for schools and the community.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. But how do you know if you are moving in the right direction? Family Concern Counseling provides services to adults, couples, youth and families to support positive change and mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health, in steps to achieving overall wellbeing.

At Family Concern Counseling, we recognize that no problem or pain is trivial, and understand that each person holds a unique story. Our goal is to come alongside you to offer support through challenging life situations and assist in fostering growth and healing. Our team of therapists seek to provide a safe, confidential environment to allow the opportunity to navigate personal struggles, relationships, and emotions. We work from a holistic model, in order to provide tools to enhance emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Stress, Anxiety & Trauma
Grief & Loss
Anger Control & Resolution
Relational Concerns
Premarital & Marriage Counseling
Family Conflict & Relational Issues
Child & Adolescent - Behavioral Issues
Child & Adolescent - School-Related Issues
Foster & Adoptive Issues
Human Trafficking
Parent Support & Education
Spiritual Concerns
Play Therapy

We welcome all. Family Concern Counseling values the diversity of each of our clients, and we are committed to providing professional and ethical counseling services. Our therapists are available Monday – Friday, including some evenings. Our regular session fee is $100, however we can also offer assistance through our Reduced Fee Program. To learn more about counseling services or to request an appointment, call (209) 522-9568 ext.118 or complete a Counseling Interest Form.


The MFT/PCC Practicum Program is an opportunity for students who are pursuing a graduate degree to obtain hours for their practicum course. The goal is to further develop student’s competencies in providing mental health services to a variety of populations in our community. The trainees gain real-world experience by providing individual, family, couple, and child therapy. They have the opportunity to work in a school based and/or an office setting. Clinical supervision is provided in a group setting which occurs weekly for the number of direct hours obtained by the trainee. Individual or triadic supervision may also be provided as needed. In addition, trainees receive monthly trainings to further develop their clinical skills. The Practicum Program requires a commitment of 8-12 months, with flexible hours ranging between 10-20 hours per week depending on the trainee’s needs. These hours include direct client time, treatment planning, progress note completion, trainings, and staff meetings. This position is volunteer. If interested, please send a resume to Brenda Cabello.


Family Concern Counseling has also been afforded the unique opportunity to work alongside a number of groups within our community to provide trainings and presentations, as well as mental health services for our local school districts. We value the opportunity to work within our community and invite you to contact us to discuss specific or personalized training needs for your organization or group.

Trauma-Informed Care
Suicide & Self Harm
Impact of Chronic Stress
Relationship & Communication Skills
Restorative Practices in Schools & Community
Emotional Regulation &  Anger Management Skills

For more information about scheduling a YFC workshop or presentation, call 209-522-9568 or complete a Training Interest Form.

  • Kourtney Kauffman, Family Concern Counseling Director, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#116593)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.122

    "I spent about seven years as a case worker for a foster family agency, have more than ten years experience working with youth in various contexts, and have been practicing as a therapist in various stages of education and training since August of 2012. I have a background in training on issues of mental health and mental illness, trauma-informed care, human trafficking, and other topics. As a therapist, my areas of expertise center around relational trauma and problematic relational dynamics, trauma, anxiety disorders, and issues in childhood and youth."

  • Brenda Cabello, Family Concern Administrative Assistant
    (209) 522-9568 ext.118

    "My first encounter with YFC was at the annual auction in 2013. I became part of the team three amazing years later, where I’ve been supporting the Family Concern Counseling Team. All of my life I’ve had a special connection with God, but through YFC I’ve found a way to strengthen my bond with the Lord while simultaneously stregthening the community around me. With the help of my loving husband of 20 plus years and four beautiful children, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at countless youth centers, sporting events, Boyscouts, and catechism. Everyday I look forward to grabbing my coffee and bringing faith to the families around me."

  • Samantha Van Horn, Family Concern Counseling School Services Coordinator, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#112122)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.121

    "When I started as a MFT Trainee with Family Concern Counseling in 2012 during my graduate practicum course at Simpson University, I was excited and nervous to see how the next chapter would unfold. I fell in love with the heart of Family Concern Counseling and its desire to serve our community. Being from the Central Valley and a Christ-follower from an early age, I was excited to see these two passions of mine intertwine. Since that time, I have worked in and alongside other ministries while receiving my License in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have been trained and certified in Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals, using Sand Play in Therapy, community response to human trafficking, trust-based relational interventions, and clinical anxiety treatment. I currently see clients and serve as the School Services Coordinator. I am deeply passionate about bringing healing to our community and treating issues that accompany the following: anxiety, trauma, human trafficking, children/teen developmental issues and cultural issues."

  • Courtney Wohld, Family Concern Counseling Practicum Program Coordinator, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#106191)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.123

    "I have always had a passion for helping people and started working with disabled youth and adults through equine assisted therapy in high school. This later became the inspiration behind a career choice as a therapist. I now provide individual and family counseling services with children, teens, and adults. Some of my specializations includes helping individuals heal after trauma and loss, overcoming depression, managing anxiety, improving self-esteem and self-care, solving behavioral problems, improving relationships, and coping with issues around life transitions. I believe everyone's therapeutic experience should be tailored specifically to the individual, and incorporate several different treatment interventions based on each person's need. My treatment interventions include, but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Strength-based, and Play Therapy. I also have experience with on campus counseling for students and seek to help children who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and emotional troubles. In addition to my role as a therapist, I coordinate the Family Concern Counseling internship program for graduate students."

  • Samantha Tallon, Family Concern Counseling Therapist Team Coordinator, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#106429)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.128

    "I have served as an onsite therapist at several community school sites since 2017, working with children and teens to provide support and mental health care. I also enjoy working with adults and families to navigate through areas such as trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and challenging relational dynamics. Additionally, my background includes seven years experience working with incarcerated youth in the juvenile justice system and facilitating Seeking Safety treatment groups for PTSD and Substance Abuse for dult probation. My training and certificates include Trauma-Informed Care, Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals, Certified SYMBIS Facilitator for marriage and pre-marital counseling, and IIRP-training in Restorative Practices."

  • Tyesha Sullivan, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#112232)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.125

    "I have been a part of YFC Family Concern Counseling since 2011. I started as a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee and am currently an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I served as an onsite therapist for several schools through Family Concern Counseling and have a great passion for working with children. I also have attended multiple workshops and training's pertaining to mental health and play/art therapy. I am experienced at working with families, couples and individuals who are dealing with anxiety, depression, and trauma."

  • Sandie Maness, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (#7843)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.126

    "I am a member of California Association for Licensed Professional Counselors, as well as working with YFC. I currently mentor new educators, provide support services to staff and families for Modesto City Schools, and teach full-time. My focus at Family Concerned Counseling is families and individuals where faith and mental health align. I also serve the community by providing staff training, group work, and one on one interventions at a local treatment center, as an extension of our YFC team."

  • Alexandra Cover, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#100704)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.124

    "I worked closely with foster youth and adoptions as a social worker for three years with an agency in Sacramento. I also have four years of experience providing support and counseling to school age children and adolescents in school settings. I am certified in the use of SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) assessment for counseling provided to premarital and marital couples. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adult women, and couples through areas such as spiritual issues, relational or marital issues, women's issues, identity, trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety." 

  • Christina Soto, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#119145)

  • Lorraine Webb, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#111927)

    "I utilize an eclectic approach to treatment, incorporating client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral and solution-focused approaches, as well as aspects of dialectical behavior therapy. I enjoy working with with individuals, children, adolescents, and couples going through a variety of struggles."

  • Kristal Struble, Juvenile Justice Ministry Director, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#120530), and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (#8195)
    (209) 522-9568 ext.117

    "I have over fifteen years experience working in law enforcement, including ten years as a probation officer. Through that experience, I learned how to work with both adult and juvenile clients within the criminal justice system. I am working towards certification in working with clients suffering from trauma and/or substance use. I recently completed training in Restorative Practices. I also enjoy teaching and having a platform to destigmatize mental health."

  • Our Associate and Trainee Therapists are under the clinical supervision of the following Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists: Marty Villa, Aaron Crumrine, Sarah Andrews, and Jolene Daly.